„Welcome to the world of mine-electronics. We are a Europe-based trade company, specialised on props and dummies for retailers and home staging specialists. Product quality and personalised distribution, is our company´s DNA.

Please contact us at sales@mine-electronics for any
questions or feedback. We will be glad to present
our range offer and services in person.“

Patrick Nebois
Executive Partner

Our range is produced in standard production lines. We make sure that they are save in a retail environment, hence no cords, no functioning, and most of all they are always free from any Logos. We import from Asia and Europe and are fully available for custome made products or packages for your needs. „mine- electronics“ is a certified supplier at various major retailers in Europe.

Your contact will be always personal. Once we have established the first connection, our sales agent will support you from the ordering process to the final delivery. Our team has many years of experience in retail and respects your needs. No hotlines, no call center. And if you do not feel 100% ok in english, we also manage in a couple of other European languages!

Delivery times are important for your business. This is why we operate a warehouse in Europe, allowing us to deliver with a standard lead time of maximum 2 weeks. In case of larger volumes or strict timelines please plan with app. 8 weeks delivery time. Delivery is for free for all orders above EUR 2000 (EUR 120.- for orders below EUR 2000). Conditions may vary in your local company‘s agreement.

Payment will be proceeded according to your company ́s rules and guidelines when you use your company ́s ordering tool. In case that you order via e-mail we will send you an invoice with your delivery. Due date for payment is 2 weeks from delivery.